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I've registered for an account but can't log in?

We process all accounts according to our entry criteria and we need to review a copy of applicants CV to do that. Quite often, applicants don't upload a CV on registration so we can't process the account.

If you forgot to upload a CV, just email it to us and we can review it asap.


How do I Post a Job?

Simple. Just fill in this form and email it to us. We will confirm within the hour.


Why can I only see jobs for new entrants?

We review all accounts according to our entry criteria. Newcomer accounts are totally free and we only post paid jobs (that meet Living Wage).


How do I move from newcomer to Pro?

If you signed up as a newcomer and now pass the eligibilty for a Pro account, email your most recent CV to us for an accout review.


How much does it cost?

Firstly, there is ALWAYS a FREE basic account option. We do NOT charge new entrants to the industry & we only post paid jobs.

Pro members can choose to subscirbe to the Chase List, Jobs Board, Online Diary and appear at the top of crew searches for  £14.99+VAT per month, with a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL, subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. The rest of the site is FREE.


Do you offer careers or CV advice?

We do try to offer advice and guidance to members, time permitting.

Founder Matt Gallagher has taught new entrants on the Creative Skillset Trainee Finder schemes (Film and TV Drama), Film London & Delamar Academy, as well as at Universities and Film Schools. He is also a guest moderator for The Oscars screenings and the Into Film Festival.

In 2016, we published the definitive book for new entrants looking to start their career in Film and TV. 'Breaking into UK Film and TV Drama' is available on Amazon.


How do I join?

There are two sides to our website, Pro and newcomer. Every applicant will be individually assessed and be sent to one either Pro or newcomer.

To access the Pro site, applicants must have at least 10 credits as a freelancer, 2 years as an employee in a recognised company or a mixture of both. If you don’t meet that, we will send you to the newcomer site. You can find out more about our entry criteria by clicking here.

Once we have validated your application, we ask you to complete your profile page. Your profile page will not be visible in crew searches unless you complete at least 4 credits.

Ultimate discretion rests with the owners of the site.

Do you offer any refunds?

We have a no refund policy for monthly subscribers as there is no minimum contract. Monthly subscribers are able to cancel their account via their paypal account at any time.

For can offer refunds for yearly subscription accounts, based on the length of the time left on the subscription and at the discretion of the owners of the site. Contact us for details.


Can I take an annual subscription?

If you take a full year subscription, we offer 12 months for the price of 10. A year access will cost £149.99+VAT (£99.99+VAT discounted rate).

You will have full access to the chase list, jobs board and online diary service with a saving of almost £30 (£18 discounted rate).


Do you charge VAT on your subscription?

We charge VAT on individual membership, which most of our pro members are able to claim back as they are freelancers.


461 Click on 'Add New Credit' to update your profile page

How do I enter my credits?

There are over 15,000 productions currently in our database, and there are more added every single day.

There are two main ways to add credits. Firstly, follow the prompts on your profile page, starting typing in the first letters of the production and a pre-populated list will appear with suggestions. If a job you worked on is not already in the system, it will need to be created.

Another way to add your credits is to find the project - search for War Horse for example and you will find a linke that says 'I worked on this: add credit'. Click on that to complete your role and year and it will be added to the list and show on your profile page.

We try to add your 4 most recent credits for you so you are visible on the site. If you really are struggling to input your credits, please contact us on info@thecallsheet.co.uk and we will be able to help.

Why aren’t actors and background artists allowed on thecallsheet?

We are behind the camera only. For those behind the camera, usually, only a director, producer or casting agent can decide on which talent goes on screen. Who gets which role is not typically decided by anyone else on the crew. Also, crew require a different frame of promotion than actors, but we are happy to deal with recognised personal agents and background agents. There are several online resources for actors and we recommend finding a reputable agent or representative.


Why aren’t newcomers allowed on the pro site?

There are websites available where newcomers and professionals have the same access to information and jobs, we are not one of them. Often, any company who posts a job online will be inundated with applications from a huge number of people, only a few of whom are right for the job. This bombardment doesn’t favour anyone, the company has too many applications and the right people can get lost in the pile. After a certain period of time in the industry, an individual’s scope of work becomes more focused in certain areas. A pro is not likely to apply for a job that is outside of that focus. This means the company can select from a pre filtered base of professionals.

We have created a version of thecallsheet.co.uk for newcomers; companies will post up the jobs for which they are looking for entry level candidates. The jobs are therefore tailored to actually give new entrants a chance in the job market.

Also, there are services on the Pro side that we wish to keep for the pro users.

There is a large drop-out rate of newcomers into the film and TV industry, by being on our newcomer site, you can find the most appropriate positions and when you have a sufficient credits and experience you can step up.

Why don’t you count short films as professional credits?

Regretfully, not all short films are made to the same standard. We recognise that short films play a significant part for individual development, but as they are generally unpaid (or below normal rate), we cannot accept them as professional credits. We will only accept Bafta and Oscar nominated short films as credits


Short films are excellent for developing skill. Virtually everyone who will qualify for the Pro site will have worked on numerous short films. Our view has always been that we only accept paying jobs that have gone on to become a commercial entities for market consumption, should qualify as a professional credit. Corporate films do not qualify as they are internal products of varying quality made for a limited audience.

Why don’t you count unreleased films as credits?

Similar to short film credits, we cannot accept films that have not received a theatrical release or a national DVD release. We understand that such decisions are out of an individual’s hands but we feel that they cannot be considered as credits if the projects are unable to reach a commercial audience.

Do I qualify for a discount?

We have offered discounts to full members selected organisations, please let us know if you have not received any notice from your representative.

Guild of Location Managers

Guild of British Camera Technicians


National Association of Screen Make Up Artists and Hairdressers

Directors UK

AMPS - Association of Motion Picture Sound

EXEC Management

Discounts will be given to full members of the above. If your organisation is not on this list and you would like to be entitled to the discounted rate, please contact your representative.

If you are a member of the above, you are entitled to a discounted rate of £9.99+VAT per month.

You will have full access to the site and we will place a logo from your organisation on your profile page.

Why do I have to pay?

No, you don’t. You can have a free membership and profile page. You can still search for crew and companies, read the articles, message people and you can be contacted if you wish too. If you want to get the all the extra stuff, then we have a small monthly charge.

Are my details safe?

Yes. We do not pass on or sell your details to anyone else. Only other members of the website can see your details and you can choose to keep some details private. From time to time, we may take general figures from the database, ie 50% of our members are from London for our own marketing purposes, but we will never reveal personal details.

thecallsheet.co.uk is registered with the data protection agency.

What are the options for payment?

We use paypal subscription services. We use paypal as it is a more secure option; we don't keep your details and it is one of the most secure ways to pay online. It also makes transactions much easier.

It’s a service most people are familiar with and know they can trust. You can read more about paypal at their official site. http://www.paypal.co.uk/uk

As always, be careful with spam and don’t open anything you don’t trust. Never give your password to anyone.

Do I have to enter all of my CV onto the website? 

The more information you input, the more likely you are to appear around the site. The more connections between you and your past colleagues, the easier it is for you to be found by potential employers.

If you don't have the time to do it yourself, let us do it for you. Use our data entry service which can be found in the member services section.

Why have do you only have certain companies on your facilities database?

We pride ourselves on only selecting companies on recommendation from industry professionals. We’re not looking for numbers, we want quality. That’s not to say we’ve haven’t missed anyone. Every new company applying to get on thecallsheet.co.uk must provide references from within our membership. If you think you fall into that category, get in contact with us at: info@thecallsheet.co.uk.

Will I get definitely get a job?

Yes*, and we will also make you slimmer, richer and more attractive.

*Not really. No agency, website or diary can guarantee you work, it’s about being in the right position to make the very best of the most opportunities. We are not an employer, we connect professionals.

Our Full Pro membership cost is only £14.99+VAT per month so it’s likely that you’ll only need to get one day’s work via the site to make it pay for itself. As well as everything else a full member benefits from throughout the year.

How can my usual contacts see my Diary?

To ensure we only let professionals onto the site, we have to approve everyone. Once you’ve registered, you should let all your normal contacts know that you can tracked down on thecallsheet.co.uk.

The more people who are registered on thecallsheet.co.uk, the better it can work for you. We ask every new member to make a post on their facebook, twitter or LinkedIn pages.

New applicants can enter the name of the person who referred them to the site as they apply. For every person you send our way that becomes a full member, we give you a free month. If you let 12 people know and they go on to be full members, you could have a completely free year.


Email us for any further information