Dirk Gently

269 Dirk Gently is a new 3 part series on BBC4 starring Stephen Mangan, Darren Boyd and Helen Baxendale.

The character Dirk, a 'Holistic Detective', was created by Douglas Adams, the man who wrote 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'.

The first two instalments of the show have been broadcast on BBC4. Why not catch up with Episode 1 and Episode 2 on the BBC iplayer, ahead of the final part which will be screened on Monday 19th March at 9pm.


thecallsheet.co.uk member Rob Champion (Guild of Location Managers) was the Location Manager for Dirk Gently, here's what he told us about the challenges of transferring from book to screen.

"We filmed Dirk Gently in Bristol, which stood in for Dirk's world of Camden and Islington so I was always avoiding too much of our local building material, limestone. Episode 2 was the greatest challenge as it included two days material in a Robotic Laboratory. Bristol has such a thing (happy face!!), a joint venture between the two universities, with a very helpful professor, but its landlord was an American corporation with the most unimaginably anal restrictions on access. They basically didn't want us there and took the best part of two weeks to say so (very sad stressed face!). We eventually settled upon a brand new building at the Bristol-Bath Science Park where they could not have been more helpful.  All this on a BBC4 budget."

Other members who worked on the first series are: Simon Hedges (1st AD), Emily James (Prod Sec) and Emmalene Barlow (location assistant)

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