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We've interviewed dozens of the best crew the UK has to offer over the last 4 years.

So, we decided to put them all in one place so you can explore, discover and learn from some of the best in the film and TV industry.


If you missed any of them the first time around, we've collected them all together for the the first time for you.

Camera Department

Steven Hall - Director of Photography, VFX and Drama - War Horse, Edge of Tomorrow, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Tom Townend - Director of Photography - Attack The Block, Turks and Caicos

David Worley - Camera Operator - Raiders of the Lost Ark, Aliens, Game of Thrones

Alf Tramontin - Steadicam - Gravity, Harry Potter, The Shining

Malcolm Hadley - Director of Photography - Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, Chicken Run

Jonny Garwes - Focus Puller - The Devil's Double, The Descent, Submarine

Stefan Krysiak - AC - Death in Paradise, Fresh Meat

Gifford Hooper & Phil George - Hovercam - Academy Award winning technical innovators

Lighting Department

John Higgins - Gaffer - Gravity, The Bourne Ultimatum, Skyfall, Thor

Assistant Directors

Tommy Gormley (from moviescope) - 1st AD - Star Wars VII, Star Trek, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Jude Campbell - 1st AD - Utopia, Atlantis, Monsters: Dark Continent

Ben Howard - 2nd AD - Gravity, Mr Turner, The Grand Budapest Hotel

Tom Rye - 2nd AD - World War Z, Pan, In the Heart of the Sea

Frazer Fennell Ball - AD - The Wolf of Wall Street, Fury

Phill Reeves - Elfie Hopkins, Peep Show, Lost


Iain Mackenzie - Production Manager - Kick Ass 2, Kingsman: The Secret Service

Roopesh Parekh - Line Producer  - Inside No.9, The Hollow Crown

James Graham - Amblin Pictures - Empire of the Sun, Back to the Future 2&3

Philiy Page - Production Manager - A Field in England


Art Department

Sonja Klaus - Production Designer/Set Decorator - Gladiator, Prometheus, X Men: First Class

Jonathan Paul Green - Production Designer - QI, Top Gear, Brasseye

Simon Rogers - Production Designer - The Thick of It, Tyrannosaur, Broadchurch 2

Pippa Broadhurst - Standby Art Director - Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones

Rut Villamagna - Painter, Sculptor - Pan's Labryinth, Guardians of the Galaxy

Fabrice Spelta  - Supervising Art Director - iLL Manors, Cardinal Burns

Storyboards:  David Allcock - Anna Karenina, Fast and Furious 6, Edge of Tomorrow

Action Vehicles: Ben Dillon - Layer Cake, Ashes to Ashes, Locke

Clearances: Ruth Halliday - Rush, Cuban Fury, The King's Speech

VFX Supervisor

Frazer Churchill - Children of Men, The Worlds End, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World


Chris Munro  - Gravity (Oscar win), Black Hawk Down (Oscar win), Captain Phillips (Oscar nomination)

Grant Bridgeman - Cilla, Mr Selfridge, The Accused

Ian Voigt - A Good Day to Die Hard, The Boat that Rocked, Spooks: The Greater Good

Voice Coach:  Andrew Jack - Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Bond

Make Up

Loz Schiavo - Peaky Blinders

Catherine Scoble
- This is England

Prosthetics: Waldo Mason  - Prometheus


Sean Barton - Return of the Jedi

Calum Ross - Shameless, Fresh Meat

Judith Allen - The Pirates! in Adventues with Scientists

Beth Barnette - Pixar

Adam Windmill - The League of Gentlemen



Ben Caron - Derren Brown, My Mad Fat Diary, Wallander


Stunt Driver

Paul Swift - Audi R8 Commercial, Top Gear



Lord Michael Dobbs - House of Cards

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